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Bits of Europe – Milan


Well, what does “excessive” mean?

It’s an adjective used to describe something that is created, made or done in a way that exceeds what is usual or normal.

I know what you’re thinking.

No. This isn’t an English language class. I’m probably the last person on earth you would want to be  conducting one.

But I am here to show you what excessive is and how excessive things can be. I know this word may have certain negative connotations to it, but I mean it in an absolutely positive, gaping-in-awe way.

May I now, present you, the forth largest church in the world, the one which had taken a whopping 500 years to complete…

The Gothic cathedral of Milan, Duomo di Milano.

Could it be the fact that this is the first ever European country that I’d ever visited or that the intricacy of this building is just simply stunning and magnificent?

I’m in awe.

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I was so captivated by how every single spire on top of the building, every single carving outside and within the church is different and unique; where no two spires are of the same design and carvings. It’s as though the cathedral itself has a story to tell, and it probably does.

My traveling buddy and I spent two days exploring the cathedral. On the first day, we joined a guided tour and explored the insides of the cathedral. We were told by our guide that the small red light bulb in the dome above the apse is where one of the nails from the Crucifixion of the Christ was kept. We took time to explore the insides of the cathedral and even went into the crypt. Well, that kind of crept us out. So, we decided to leave the cathedral, head out into the open and be showered by the warm rays of sunshine.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Right next to the Duomo is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

It’s a shopping arcade that houses mostly boutiques and some cafés and more notably, one of the oldest Prada boutique in Milan which was opened back in 1983.

I couldn’t help but to notice how ornamental their drain covers are.

Until a funny sight at the corner of the galleria caught my attention. I saw people spinning round and round on their heels on the bull’s groin.

I was later told that it was for good luck. If you were to do three anti-clockwise spins on your heel on the bull’s groin, while making a wish, it will come true.

“Well, a woman did that long, long time ago, wishing for a child and she got pregnant after that. So, people started believing in the bull’s groin and started to spin round and round on its groin,” said our tour guide. Uh-huh.

Time for a little snack at the café with a view of the Duomo’s façade.

While waiting for our food, we saw a pink limo!

Apparently, the people in the limo were here for a pre-wedding photo shoot. My buddy and I however decided that we wouldn’t want to have a Gothic cathedral as a backdrop for our pre-wedding photos. I guess we were still having the creeps from the visit to the crypt earlier. Ha.

Food’s here! This has got to be the best pizza for me as it had all my favourite ingredients! Mushroom, olives, artichokes and prosciutto ham!! ♥

Since we’re at the topic of food, this was what I had for breakfast at the hotel. Those green leafy things: songino (lamb lettuce). They are so good. Sweet, without a hint of bitterness, with a very nice texture. It’s so much better than eating rockets or baby spinach. Songino’s good. ♥

Enough of food for now. Let’s head over to meet an old friend of mine, shall we?


Well, that was indeed a rather odd giant poodle, but he’s not whom I want you to meet.

There. Say “Hi” people. Meet Leonardo, the polymath, the Renaissance man, my boyfriend.

Leonardo da Vinci.

I think the highest compliment I could ever give a guy is this: “Baby, you’re my Leonardo da Vinci”.

*smacks self and wakes up*

Right. So where were we again before I slipped into my fantasies?

Oh, yes. Leonardo da Vinci.

He spent his early years in Milan, working for the Duke of Milan. He wanted a job so badly back then that he wrote a letter to the Duke saying that he could build the most advanced war machines, construct the strongest buildings and God knows what else. And if the Duke didn’t want any of that from him, he could still paint for the Duke.

So, paint he did, for the Duke of Milan, a mural of the Last Supper.

This picture you see here, is definitely not the real thing. The real painting is probably 10 times bigger than this. I couldn’t take a picture of that to show you because we were only allowed a mere 15 minutes in the room and strictly no photography allowed. So, what I did was, I just sat down in one of the few benches and gape in awe, taking in all the minute details of the painting: the sandals they wore, the food on the table, the light and the shadows…they were served eels, which I was told, was the Duke’s favourite dish.

Throughout the years, the painting went through many ordeals as it almost got destroyed by air raids, had parts of it knocked out to form an archway, had too many restoration that eventually ruined the painting until a team of experts were commissioned to restore the painting to its original condition.

I was glad. I was so glad that I had the chance to be able to see this painting in all its glory that tears began to weld in my eyes. For the whole 15 minutes, it was just me and the Last Supper, until my train of thoughts were broken by a chime indicating that it was time for us to leave the room.

Then, we all walked back to where we came from and headed to where the Duke used to live.

Swanky, eh? I love the fountain.

But here’s something swankier – the Teatro la Scala, a world renowned opera house in Milan!

The view of the interior from one of the balconies

This is where the rich and wealthy mingle and gamble and watch some opera during their free time!

Poster for Otello

Now, isn’t it a time to rest our little feet and maybe for some dessert as well?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When in Milan, have a serving of Tiramisu!

After filling our tummies up, it’s time to head home via the subway again. Oh, and maybe to stock up on some groceries as well, along the way. ♥

I will still be feeling lazy


…if not for my very, extremely upset stomach. Now, allow me to share with you a very intimate detail about myself. My sai and jio of the day weighs 2.5kg.

For the past month that I’d spent in the Land Down Under, I’d gained a total of 6kgs, eating

snacks like

Moist Chocolate Cupcake on a Stick at Paddington Market, Sydney

Delice (a fancy-pansy name for macarons) and Chocolate Milkshake at

Lindt’s Cafe, Melbourne

Belgian hot chocolate, Belgian Spoil (a cute little platter of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, shortbread, chocolate ice cream and chocolates) and Iced chocolate at Koko Black, Lygon Street, Melbourne

Limited edition banana crepe flavoured Koala snack found at the Asian Groceries

Mentaiko onigiri at Kenzan,(GPO, Melbourne)

They have the best handrolls, and the seaweed’s always fresh and crisp as it’s wrapped separately

Green tea with grape juice and banana gelato from Trampoline, Southgate (Melbourne)

I’m so gonna have the same thing again tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight.

Litchi ramune from a wide range of ramune that they have here at their Asian grocery (Melbourne)

Strawberry frappuccino blended cream that is so yummilicious and PEENK! It’s a core product in Starbucks Australia, which means you can have it all year round!

Girly/Wussy fruit beer (1st and 2nd from right) that taste nothing like alcohol, which I like because I am psychologically allergic to alcohol, at the Belgian Beer Cafe (Eureka, Melbourne)

Peach beer ^_^

and home cooked food like

[Clockwise from top] Stir fry pumpkin with bacon by Chef Su Phing, bacon and onion omelet pizza, and spicy lemon chicken

Luxurious cheese, bacon and mushroom omelet, stir fried mushroom, sausage with Worcester sauce and Chunky vegetable soup with shredded cheddar

Seared kangaroo steak with stir fried bak choy and chicken curry

served with fragrant butter rice

Healthy temaki roll with ham slices, mushroom, crab meat, tuna and gourmet salad.

Kangaroo bibimbap

Yes, not forgetting the Tiramisu that Chef Su Phing and I made

Darrell Lea’s Rocklea Road served with fresh strawberries and Milo dessert

more big ass strawberries

Pancakes lovingly made by Chef Dahbriukay on that special day

and lastly, restaurant food like

Big ass potato spuds with chicken kebab at Westfield’s food court, West Lakes (Adelaide)

Angel hair pasta with tiger prawns, basil, tomato & fetta cheese, and grilled cod served with saffron and broad beans risotto at The Rocks (Sydney)

Pumpkin soup with garlic bread

Pesto chicken with olive bread

at this very homey and awesome place called Common Ground Cafe in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, run by the people of the Twelve Tribes Community

Fresh oysters that are so fresh, you can still see the parasitic worms on the shells wiggling out

Seafood platter and fish & chips at the Sydney Fish Market

Penne with tomato & beef and risotto at Degrave Street, Melbourne

Ah..! Greek food: meat platter, bean soup, pita bread with dips and salad at Stalactites (Melbourne)

Grilled scallops and beet root risotto at St Kilda (Melbourne) Yes, it’s Peenk again! :D

Mighty and Grand Angus from Mc Donalds! I personally prefer Mighty as I love relish, but Dahbriukay likes Grand better as he hates relish.

Vietnamese noodles with raw beef slices at the other place in Melbourne that’s not Mekong because Mekong recycled their customer’s unfinished soup (so we heard from a friend’s friend who works there).

Udon with beef slices at Kenzan, GPO, Bourke Street (Melbourne)

Curry fish head, sambal kang kong and stir fried bak choy at Kopi Tim (Adelaide)

Wagyu at Nobu, Melbourne on that special day

and yeah, Thai food at Ying Thai 2 just yesterday

before I purged everything out × 3 from my rear the next morning for eating something so spicy after a 3 week hiatus.

I weighed myself yesterday night and again after the massive outburst from my rear.

That’s why I know how much my sai and jio weighs. (Yes, 2.5kg)

My butt hole is so numb now that I can’t even feel its presence anymore.