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Hot Pot, Hot CNY


It’s 33° today. I woke up at 10.45am, took my first shower. At 2.00pm, I took another. My innards are probably so hot that every cup of water that I drink seems to fizzle off even before it could rehydrate my body.

That’s tropical heat and life on an island for you!

Now, we’re at the last few days of the 15 day CNY celebrations. Time really flies. Will probably go tim some gam for good luck on Chap Goh Meh this Sunday.

Here’s our mega hot pot for our reunion dinner! The thinly sliced pork strips are my fav! *shabu shabu* :D

Whenever I’m having hot pots, I’ll always have a bowl of whipped raw egg with condiments like pepper, sesame oil and soy sauce. It’s an excellent dipping sauce for meat!

Mega ass prawns for a sweet sweet soup base! *yums!* Those brown little things with black squiggles are actually homemade fattchoy tofu!

We all had a really awesome dinner and everyone had lots of fun, especially my cousin here! Isn’t he cute?