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Hamburg Binge…


There’s more than just one way to eat a hamburg. ;)

* * *

Last Sunday’s Lunch:

Hamburg served with grated daikon radish with ponzu sauce. Can’t find any shizo leaves, so I used lettuce to garnish instead.

Hamburg served with onion sauce.

The sweetness of fried onion, mirin and shoyu are wonderful complements to the almighty hamburg.

This batch of hamburg wasn’t nicely fried. I personally think they look spotty and pale.

* * *

This Saturday’s Dinner:

Yes. I’ve made another batch of hamburg. This time, my hamburg oozes!

Watch it ooze with garlicky mozzarella…

I had my oozie hamburg served with Japanese curry, rice and knotted spinach.

Yea, baby. Give me da cheese!

Tonight’s Supper:

A not too overwhelming serving of hamburg with grated daikon radish, blanched spinach and tomato.

No. That’s not shizo leaf either, but cilantro.

Hamburg ハンバーグ


Today, I shall write this entry with pride, as I… haz made






fine dining style!




in my pajamas!

*gleams and twirls around*

(Maybe I should starting calling myself chef in pjs…)

Sexy, isn’t it?

Yes, I know!

Francis the dog taught me how to make this!! Isn’t he the sweetest? (and a cute accent to go with it too!)

* * *
So here are the ingredients that you’ll be needing to make Hamburg steak (a.k.a. Hanbaagu)!

  • About 190g of minced beef and 60g of minced pork

  • It’s bout the size of 2 clenched fist for minced beef and the size of a small clenched fist for minced pork, if you happen to not have a scale at home.
  • 2tbs milk, 15g panko/breadcrumbs, 1 whole onion, chopped and fried

* * *
Gathered your stuffs? Alrighty then, it’s cooking time!
Begin by mixing milk into panko to create a thick mixture. Set aside.

Mix in a pinch of black pepper, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg powder to the minced meat.

Mix! Mix! Mix! with your hand so that you could sniff them later on before you go to bed.
(Nutmeg trip!!)

A very Japanese made handy grater meant for grating ginger and radish. Can get it at any stores that stocks Japanese household items.

A Japanese made handy grater meant for grating ginger and radish. Can get it at any stores that stocks Japanese household items.

I happen to have some nutmeg seeds at home so I ground mine instead. It smelled so good and gives a really unique taste to the meat!

Here’s how a nutmeg seed looks like after its shell’s been cracked open.
After mixing in the spices, add in the panko mixture, an egg and the fried onion and continue mixing until all the ingredients are well mixed.
Divide the meat mixture into six equal portions, shape them into 1½ inches thick patties.
Pan fry them! :D *sizzle sizzle*

Then you’re done!

Garnish with fresh salad and Ponzu* sauce.

Dig in!!! :D

And yeah.. I only made this fine-dining-sized because it was already 11pm and I can’t afford a full on serving of this!

But for tomorrow’s lunch, it’ll be full on Hamburg Steak!!!

Woo Hoo!

* * *

*Ponzu sauce is a variation of Japanese soy sauce (Shoyu) that has a citrusy taste to it. It goes amazingly well with the Hamburg steak and salads too!!