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Donkey Day


There’s this one day that was Dahbriukay’s birthday, he acted like a donkey.


So, we decided to sing him a song!


Happy Birthday to you!

You’re born in the zoo!

You smell like a Donkey!

and snort like one too!

Apparently, Dahbriukay was too touched with our composition that he squashed his face on my shoulder like a pug’s wrinkled forehead to hide his tears of joy.


Such protective arms he has, hor?

Like I could sink and melt into his embrace.

Like nothing bad’s gonna happen to me.

Oh, and sorry for being sappy.

But doctor said I shouldn’t suppress my emotions for the sake of my subjective well-being.

So, from now on I’ll be very sappy in my writings and sing Plain White T’s 1,2,3,4 to Dahbriukay every night before I sleep.

*evil-grins* (Whenever I sing this to him, he gets really annoyed because it always means I’m hinting at something. :D)


But his head’s so big in this picture that my head can’t be seen.

Dahbriukay’s a mutant with a pony-tail on his forehead!