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The Climb


Not too long ago, we were whisked off our feet to an island that enthralled us to no end.

As the wind blew, petals of little yellow flower scattered the grounds, paving the way to an excellent morning hike to the top.


The view towards the top was majestic, as though we were hiking up a very minute version of the Grand Canyon.


What I love most about the hike was that I get to see amazing creations of nature like these.

Is this a flower or a fruit, I often wondered, but never had the chance to find that out.


This time around, the hike was even better, as I managed to con convince Dahbriukay into coming with me and made him take loads of photos of me.


Somehow I always thought that it would be very awesome to have a picture taken while I hiked. It made me look adventurous, even though uncles in flip-flops and aunties dragging their golden retrievers can easily walk hike all the way to the plateau, that is known amongst the locals as the Number 3.


Throughout the hike, there were little observation decks like these that offers a panoramic view of the island’s North-eastern corner.

But alas, the sun rose and the weather was too hot for Dahbriukay’s liking.


He melted all the way down and back to where we stayed, kissed the ground and fell into a deep state of slumber.


He did not even realised that I had left him all by himself after a bit of a paddling in the pool by myself, but only woke up when the scorching rays of the sun began to hit the tips of his toes.