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The Butterfly Flies


I was so torn. Torn between wanting to let them go and wanting to keep them by my side forever.

They were so pretty and I don’t even know them as butterflies yet. I opened the net slowly, one of the common mormon crawled to the top. Without a warning, it spread its wings, took flight and flew into the sunset. I watched it flutter, I watched it twirl from fence to fence, until I couldn’t see it anymore. It never flew back. I wanted to cry. But then I thought, that’s just how butterfly’s suppose to be.

They grow wings; and with those wings, they gain freedom; and with freedom, they go wherever they want to.

The mighty caterpillar


I have a thing for caterpillar.

Maybe it was because of this. It was a very engaging book to me when I was a little girl. The caterpillar literally ate its way through the pages of the book before morphing into a beautiful butterfly!

Or this. They’re cupcakes. I ♥ cupcakes.

Or maybe, it’s because of the fact that a fat little caterpillar could turn into something like this.

Imagine my joy, when I stumbled upon a bunch of them crawling on my mom’s calamansi plant few days ago.

But mom wasn’t that pleased and wanted to kill them all, since they’re eating up all the leaves and destroying her plant.

But I’d never seen them morphed before and I wanted to! Vivian said she managed to watch one morphed into a butterfly in the little container that she kept the caterpillar!

common mormon papilio polytes

Well, here they are! My baby caties!

All four of them! The one on the far right just crawled out of its skin today! It was black earlier and now it’s in a shade of yellowish green! It’s probably in its fourth or fifth (last) instar now.

The bigger and greener one on its left is about to pupate soon!

Can’t wait! :D