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Apple runs away to Aussie!

Gong hey, gong hey!


Two years and a cheese bowl


And so, it’s been awhile since the story began.

2009 V-day card from Mr DW

The story which began when a cool dude walked into Starbucks (aka Mr dw) and met a Signature Hot CIO-colate (aka Ms dw).

Sydney's Panoramic Skyline

A little over two years later, on a bright and cheerful morning, they found themselves in the metropolitan city of Sydney…

Captain Cook?

…waiting to embark on Captain Cook’s lunch cruise.

They started their cruise with a toast of sparkling rosé to commemorate two years of tolerating with each others’ nonsense.

Cheers for more nonsense to come as they both love them so, so much.

The weather was sunny and bright, it was definitely a perfect day to be out on a cruise.

Except for the little fact that Ms dw’s freckles thought it would be lovely to pop out for some sunshine. She’d certainly need to slap on some SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen for her next outing to keep the freckles at bay.

The façade of the Sydney Opera House

Ah~ Clear blue skies and white fluffy clouds. What more could a girl ask for?

Well, maybe one of these seaside villas with a private swimming pool and a yacht, yes, Mr dw?

Mr and Ms dw had a simple two course meal. An hors d’œuvre of smoked salmon with caviar was shared amongst them, whereas for entrée Mr dw had herb 包 鸡 and Ms dw had a beef steak. After that, a lovely platter of aged cheddar and fruit platter to wrap things up before heading up to the observation deck. :D

It was so windy and chilly up there that Ms dw’s teeth were chattering. But to Mr dw, the chill that she felt was nothing more than a fly’s wing gliding down the skin of his cheek. Mr dw attempted to offer her his warmth with a hug but the chill was too much for her to bear, so Ms dw decided to don on her Antartica expedition gear to brace the chilly winds of the great…uhm…Parramatta River.

Soon before long, it was time to disembark. But little did Ms dw know, as soon as they disembark, another journey awaits. Mr dw insisted that they search for the best macarons in the whole of Australia.

So, off they went; far, far away from Circular Quay to Darling St of Balmain to look for a shop named adriano zumbo…in a cab. By then, Ms dw was so exhausted from the long flight she took the night before that she fell asleep the instant she got on the cab. When she woke up again, she found herself standing alongside Mr dw in a very long queue.  Everyone was waiting…patiently waiting in line for their turns to get their hands on the famed macarons.

Twenty five minutes. That was how long Mr and Ms dw stood in line for their macarons. The macarons were in the colors of a traffic light with very unique combination of flavors. Ms dw first sank her teeth into the green one – fennel, pistachio and pear. The flavors were complex, yet pleasant to the taste buds with subtle sweetness emitted from the puréed pears and hints of fennel to give it a slight savory edge. Adriano zumbo offers a variety of unique and exciting pastries and pies. Their offerings are as exciting as a savory and herb-y yet lemony meringue pie. Despite the exciting flavors, Mr dw was very happy person because he loves desserts, a lot.

So since, it was just a little over two years since the story began, Mr dw decided to get Ms dw a gift.When it comes to gifts, Mr dw is a very practical person.

Mr dw  has gotten Ms dw a cheese tray with glass dome. He has never given her any teddies to cuddle, so Ms dw would be cuddling her cheese dome to bed tonight.

Ms dw’s ten year anniversary gift will definitely be a vacuum cleaner that could peel fruits.

Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.


♥ Photos are all wonderfully edited by Mr Dw. :) ♥

Hello Melbourne!


For my very first job assignment, I went to Melbourne! :)

The first place I went to as soon as I touched down was Stalactites! A Greek restaurant that serves the most wonderful grilled meat platter and dips with pita bread! As there were only two of us dining, Mr Dw ordered a mix of four dips with pita bread and a mixed giro platter of spring lamb and chicken. My favourite part is wrapping the meat slices up in pita bread, slathering them with my favourite dips beforehand, of course. Out of the four dips, which are tzatziki (yoghurt, garlic & cucumber), hommus (chickpea & sesame), tarama (caviar & lemon), melitzanosalata (eggplant & garlic), Mr Dw’s favourite happens to be the one with the eggplant. Ironically, he hates eating eggplants. I guess mashing and mixing sometimes do work, in terms of making people eat something that they hate. :)

Sigh. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the juiciness of the meat. Maybe it’s the tantalizing taste of the dips. Maybe it’s the way the mixture of meat juices and dips ooze out into your mouth, with the aroma hitting the roof of your mouth and up to your nose, that…that…that..

…made you let out a gentle sigh of satisfaction…

…I really do want to get back to Stalactites, like, right now, to have the same thing again.

I really, really do.

But I guess I really, really can’t. Not now, at least. So let me go on with my story.

After I’m done with dinner, Mr Dw and I headed over to Woolies and I’d gotten myself a beanie with built in headphones before heading back to the hotel where I was bunking in with another colleague, Ms Char. Ms Char was rather impressed when she saw me with my new beanie and guess what?

Yes. We both have matching beanies now. :D Yay! As this was Ms Char’s first visit to Melbourne, Mr Dw became tour guide of the day and brought us around!

And I made Ms Char pose next to my favourite giant marble purse for an obligatory tourist shot.

Then we went to Lindt’s Cafe @ Collin’s Street for my favourite macarons!

Macarons in chocolate, strawberry and champagne flavour! Can’t wait for my Sydney assignment next month!! Must! Must! Must buy a dozen of macarons back! ^_^

Look at Ms Char enjoying her hot dark chocolate on a chilly rainy day! *Bliss*

Now, are you ready for a seven course lunch at…






Maze by Gordon Ramsay?

We were being offered a choice of either having a 3-course or 4-course lunch. At the beginning we thought of getting two 4-course lunch. But after having a hard time eliminating the choices of dishes, we decided to get ourselves each a chef recommended 7-course lunch instead. :)

Here’s the menu! You might want to click on it to enlarge it for a better view. :)

Oo… I can see Mr Dw’s reflection on my spoon! He’s busy flirting with the waitress. ;)

This is our first dish. I love the colors. It’s marinated beetroot with goat’s curd dressed with Cabernet Sauvignon vinaigrette and toasted pinenuts. I never knew goat’s cheese could taste as nice as this! The combination of the tangy beetroot intertwined with the creaminess of the goat’s cheese gave a very palate awakening sensation.

Our second course is “Tête de cochon”. Now, whereas “cochon” means pig in French, do you know what tête means? Go on. Make a wild guess.

Right. It means “head”. So what we are having here is mashed up and rolled out pig head slices with pickled vegetables on the side and a tiny cube of vegetable fritter. The waitress kindly reassured Mr Dw that no pig brains were used to make this dish. I guess Mr Dw would need such a reassurance ever since the pig-brain-noodle-soup incident. Taste wise, the tête de cochon is savory and nice. I would prefer not to have the vegetables pickled though because it made me go *_* every time I put some in my mouth. Though our waitress recommended eating them with the sourdough bread that was served alongside with this dish.  But sadly, I was having some gum-ache and it was very difficult for me to chew.

Our third course, which is also my favourite! Applewood smoked kingfish! I’m not a big fan of smoked fish as I don’t really enjoy the smoky after taste, but this dish is special. Notice the fluffy white matter wedged between the meat? It’s candy floss! Sprinkled with ground star anise, it gives off a subtle sweet and spicy aroma when eaten together with the smoked kingfish. Totally brings out the umami of the kingfish!

Our forth course was what Mr dw was here for: The “fish-dressed-as-chicken” dish. We had our coral trout wrapped with chicken skin, served in lemon thyme consommé. It’s kind of like eating slices of sausage, concept wise. It’s amazing how they can make the chicken skin in such a way that it can wrap so nicely around the fish as though it’s its own skin. I love how this dish is being presented and how the lemon thyme consommé compliments the flavour and texture of the fish. Very vibrant and pleasing to the palate.

I could only say that our fifth course was rather a unique one. It’s venison served with beet root puree and a strip of dark chocolate! I like the unique combination of the sweetness of the chocolate and tanginess of the beet root puree  but I don’t quite like the texture of the venison as it reminded me of pig liver.

This wasn’t part of our 7-course lunch, but since Mr Dw love risotto a lot, we decided to give this mega mushroom risotto a try. I love the mixture of grilled mushrooms and herb, but the rice wasn’t gooey enough for our liking! That aside, it’s a must try for all mushroom lovers!

Now, finally, it’s dessert time! Here’s our sixth course: sheep’s yoghurt mousse and walnut ice cream with frozen blackberry and honey & oats crumble. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t find the walnut in my ice cream. :(

Munching on the oats and frozen berries didn’t help my toothache much. But the ice cream and yoghurt acted like a mega palate cleanser, prepping us up for our next and final course!

The grand finale: Madagascan chocolate “Jaffa” and bayleaf sherbet with mandarin marmalade! The jaffa was simply explosive, with flavours of rich chocolate and mandarin orange bursting in your mouth all at once! It kept bursting and exploding until you couldn’t take it anymore, so you scoop yourself a tiny bit of bayleaf sherbet to cool things down just enough for you to take in another mouthful of jaffa and





My days with Phing and all things Adelaide (part 1)


9 月24 日    11点45分:刚睁开眼睛, 也打开了电脑。 在想着。。是时候在我忘记之前, 把 Aussie 的故事告诉大家。


写写吓, 结果跑去玩Pet Society, 1 hour 后才回到Wordpress继续写帖子。呵呵~


好。就在2009年的August (4/9 至 3/9),我独自塔飞机到Australia去放长假,分别去了Melbourne, Sydney 和 Adelaide。

说起Sydney, 就得digress 一下:


Sydney Opera House on a clear day

昨天遭遇尘暴,天空通红恍如世界末日就连Sydney Opera House 都几乎看不见了!!


The Sydney Opera House can barely be seen during the Sand Storm


几年前在印尼苏门答腊森林着火时所造成的烟雾,在最恶劣的时期Air Pollution Index(API) 都已经是三四百左右。

而这次Sydney 尘暴的空气污染指数突破了API纪录,高达四位数字!!


OK! Back to my Aussie story!




全都因为要探亲,所以就多住几天咯。在Phing Phing的家住了四五天,剩下那几天就到姑姑那里睡。


今天就带你们到Royal Adelaide Zoo 去走走吧!

Depressive Wallaby


Feacal-like baby Hippo


Mommy Hippo begging for food. My. What big and weird-looking teeth she has.

Baby河马的妈妈向我们讨食物吃。嘴巴张得好大。稍微恐怖。 —。—”

Koala, not the bear, noming on Eucalypt leaves

无尾树熊吃着尤加利树叶      *om nom nom nom nom*

在墙边徘徊的是针鼹猬,Aussie特产之一,专吃蚂蚁。而Su Phing 和 Jayjay在试着很努力的吸引无尾树熊的注意。~。~”

Watch out! It's the Tasmanian Devil!

这是Tasmanian Devil。它很奇怪。

Who has a weird looking white band on his butt.


Who yawns when stressed.


but sleeps instead.


Digga Digga Digga!

挖~ 挖~ 挖~ Meerkat好忙哦!

It's Timon the Meerkat!

是不是好像在哪里见过它呢?没错!它就是Lion King动画影片里山猪Pumba的死党Timon!

Meerkat feasting on raw meat


Attention seeking otters begging for fishes.

这两只水獭(ta) 好热情,好可爱!连上班族先生都忍不住拿出了Smartphone拍下了它们的照片!^-^♥

but was given cockles instead by the zookeeper. "Gotta make them do some work if they wanna eat"


OMGness!!! King Julianssss!!!

好多King Julian(环尾狐猴←好奇怪的名称)聚在一起哦!不知道它们会不会像在Madagascar动画影片里争着做万兽之王呢?

The tapir that Jayjay loves so much.



Su Phing说,这几只合趾猿在取笑Jayjay~

The very adorable monkey with big eyes of an owl and straight long tail


Little chickies in the Children's Zoo


Was kinda afraid that it'd poop on my hand

好怕小鸡在我手上便便。-. —”

“I’m not a chick, not yet a chicken”

Yup. Chickens do have identity crisis like Britney.

看来小鸡也会经历Britney Spears 曾经历过的Identity Crisis。

Lovely day to be out.


Mad Cute!!!!


The cuteness of these little Guinea Piggies made Su Phing buy Kirribilli Bruno-Stoney!

Su Phing 就是看到了这几只天竺鼠各几天忍不住就买下了Kirribilli Bruno-Stoney!

Here're the psychotic Madagascar penguins checking things out.


"All right! The coast is clear. Move along, boys! Move along!" "Yes, Skipper!"



Mandrills Beauty Pagent: Is it me or is that fella over there Rafiki?! Omg! He's here for the pagent too!!


70 year old flamingo. Who're you kidding, man!


Wombat just got up and is scratching its butt. *scratch scratch scratch* "Ah~"



I’m finally home…


…after a rather turbulent flight.

Below are my random musings (in its unedited form) while I was on the flight, trying to remain sane. Really, I don’t think I enjoy taking long flights alone all that much. Salute to people like Tze Yi who could fly back from Canada a few times a year.

In flight journal entry: 3 September 2009, 6.30pm (GMT+8)

Damn. I just pulled out my laptop and I need to pee.

From the moment I passed through the metal detectors at the airport and got randomly selected to go through a search to look for explosives or other dangerous items that might be in my luggage by two custom officers who were obviously horse playing around (they were tickling each other!), I knew something was amiss.

I was just standing at the end of the x-ray machine trying to tuck my laptop back into my backpack, those two custom officers probably thought, Hey, why not drag this Asian girl over here for a spot check. ”Step over here please, miss!” And I thought they were being nice by offering me a bigger space to tuck my laptop. How naïve.

After everything’s done and I’m finally at the boarding gate, I remembered.

MY SALAMIS!!! I left them in the fridge. My two very, very precious salamis. I was devastated. Lost for words. Extremely upset. So upset, that no words could possibly describe.

It’s 6.40pm right now and I just sneezed. The sun sets as the plane heads towards Bali. I’d finished watching The Proposal and Ever After. I don’t feel like watching anything else right now. Plane is swaying like mad, at one point I swear my heart almost pop out. Today must be one of those ‘heightened sensitivity’ days. And I’m now listening to Britney Spear’s If You Seek Amy. It made my head pound so badly. Or was it the swaying of the plane?

It rained during take off. Then we flew pass an area where there’s sun light. I saw rainbows, or rather, a rainbow and its reflection.

Then we flew pass Alice Springs. The landscape was very different from those farmy, hilly green ones in Victoria and South Australia. It’s all red with cracks.

Now it’s all dark and I can’t see anything much except for the fluffy white clouds under the moon light. Hey…what’re those orange glows? I am thinking that they could be four very large vessels or four little towns. And I thought I’m flying across the ocean now. Oh! Okay. Now I’d gotten a better view. They’re streetlight. Ah. More glows at the bottom on my right. Passing by Denpasar now.

On the interactive map, it looked as though the sun is running away and the plane is chasing it.

Ah. No wonder the plane doesn’t sway as much right now. We’re flying on tail… shit. Suddenly it swayed.




Too jerky. Can’t even type…

Have to close eyes now before I get sick on my laptop.

Back to 78km/h head wind again.

I realized my thoughts are in English. I should start thinking in Chinese now. 好。现在我的头很晕。荧幕的字又小。又不想调大。 今天的空姐有点脸臭臭。 多笑一点嘛。

The musings ended abruptly as food has arrived: Baguette with fish salad.