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Places that I’ve gone to for food.

What a month..


Let’s see how I should begin this. This was probably the most hectic, emotionally charged month of 2009. Thank goodness it’s already November and that December is a day away!! Somehow the Christmas spirits are still not rubbing in yet. Maybe after this semester, when I’m finally relieved of all my college related work, I’d probably be more in the mood.

(Caution: Very long post!)

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My Shawal 2


It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to any night markets. Ever since I’d gotten back from Australia, dad’s been bringing me to a million and one Ramadhan bazaars that’s very smoky (I saw them start a fire to roast ayam percik using bicycle tire tubes) and hot. But yeah, no one can deny the delectable choices of food available there.

So on the second day of Raya, Dad brought us to SS2’s night market in the evening.

And I noticed that they’d set up some makeshift police booth in some of the busier areas of PJ (spotted one in SS2 and Chow Yang as well). They look very weird and out of place, but then again, they could look like one of those pasar malam stalls where you could possibly go, “Harlo, cik! Mana stall ikan dory?” Kinda like an information counter for the night market.

So, I bought chinese hamburgers!

My favourite’s the one with preserved vegie(梅菜干)

Yup, that’s the one they’re making! One side of the burger is made out of batter, like pancakes, the other side’s an egg with toppings.

Then I had this tofu ice cream on a stick. It sounded gross to be eating tofu ice cream, but it actually tasted like soy milk.

Very refreshing and palate cleansing!

Later that evening, my brother came over to my room with offerings: vodka filled chocolate bits. I wonder what he wanted this time around, as it is very, very rare for him to share stuffs with me.

Apparently the sweets were expiring soon.

I have the sweetest younger brother in the world.


I will still be feeling lazy


…if not for my very, extremely upset stomach. Now, allow me to share with you a very intimate detail about myself. My sai and jio of the day weighs 2.5kg.

For the past month that I’d spent in the Land Down Under, I’d gained a total of 6kgs, eating

snacks like

Moist Chocolate Cupcake on a Stick at Paddington Market, Sydney

Delice (a fancy-pansy name for macarons) and Chocolate Milkshake at

Lindt’s Cafe, Melbourne

Belgian hot chocolate, Belgian Spoil (a cute little platter of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, shortbread, chocolate ice cream and chocolates) and Iced chocolate at Koko Black, Lygon Street, Melbourne

Limited edition banana crepe flavoured Koala snack found at the Asian Groceries

Mentaiko onigiri at Kenzan,(GPO, Melbourne)

They have the best handrolls, and the seaweed’s always fresh and crisp as it’s wrapped separately

Green tea with grape juice and banana gelato from Trampoline, Southgate (Melbourne)

I’m so gonna have the same thing again tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight.

Litchi ramune from a wide range of ramune that they have here at their Asian grocery (Melbourne)

Strawberry frappuccino blended cream that is so yummilicious and PEENK! It’s a core product in Starbucks Australia, which means you can have it all year round!

Girly/Wussy fruit beer (1st and 2nd from right) that taste nothing like alcohol, which I like because I am psychologically allergic to alcohol, at the Belgian Beer Cafe (Eureka, Melbourne)

Peach beer ^_^

and home cooked food like

[Clockwise from top] Stir fry pumpkin with bacon by Chef Su Phing, bacon and onion omelet pizza, and spicy lemon chicken

Luxurious cheese, bacon and mushroom omelet, stir fried mushroom, sausage with Worcester sauce and Chunky vegetable soup with shredded cheddar

Seared kangaroo steak with stir fried bak choy and chicken curry

served with fragrant butter rice

Healthy temaki roll with ham slices, mushroom, crab meat, tuna and gourmet salad.

Kangaroo bibimbap

Yes, not forgetting the Tiramisu that Chef Su Phing and I made

Darrell Lea’s Rocklea Road served with fresh strawberries and Milo dessert

more big ass strawberries

Pancakes lovingly made by Chef Dahbriukay on that special day

and lastly, restaurant food like

Big ass potato spuds with chicken kebab at Westfield’s food court, West Lakes (Adelaide)

Angel hair pasta with tiger prawns, basil, tomato & fetta cheese, and grilled cod served with saffron and broad beans risotto at The Rocks (Sydney)

Pumpkin soup with garlic bread

Pesto chicken with olive bread

at this very homey and awesome place called Common Ground Cafe in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, run by the people of the Twelve Tribes Community

Fresh oysters that are so fresh, you can still see the parasitic worms on the shells wiggling out

Seafood platter and fish & chips at the Sydney Fish Market

Penne with tomato & beef and risotto at Degrave Street, Melbourne

Ah..! Greek food: meat platter, bean soup, pita bread with dips and salad at Stalactites (Melbourne)

Grilled scallops and beet root risotto at St Kilda (Melbourne) Yes, it’s Peenk again! :D

Mighty and Grand Angus from Mc Donalds! I personally prefer Mighty as I love relish, but Dahbriukay likes Grand better as he hates relish.

Vietnamese noodles with raw beef slices at the other place in Melbourne that’s not Mekong because Mekong recycled their customer’s unfinished soup (so we heard from a friend’s friend who works there).

Udon with beef slices at Kenzan, GPO, Bourke Street (Melbourne)

Curry fish head, sambal kang kong and stir fried bak choy at Kopi Tim (Adelaide)

Wagyu at Nobu, Melbourne on that special day

and yeah, Thai food at Ying Thai 2 just yesterday

before I purged everything out × 3 from my rear the next morning for eating something so spicy after a 3 week hiatus.

I weighed myself yesterday night and again after the massive outburst from my rear.

That’s why I know how much my sai and jio weighs. (Yes, 2.5kg)

My butt hole is so numb now that I can’t even feel its presence anymore.

Loti Bakgua


Back in Penang, when I was young, dad always bring me to this cinema near the old Police HQ to eat loti bak gua and kay ka-chwee.

It was one of those many mobile hawkers selling food and snacks to cinema goers.

I think the cinema was torn down or something, I don’t know. I haven’t been there for ages.

Loti bakgua or bread with dried meat and kay ka-chwee (bishop’s nose) were my favoutires. :D


Few days ago when I was back in Penang, I spotted one of these at Pulau Tikus (opposite Belissa Row @ Burma Road) and I just had to walk over to get my loti bakgua.


The girl in blue is not me, hor! I am prettier. :)

It’s amazing how a tiny set-up at the back of a motorcycle like this can prepare such yummy snacks.

Which kind of reminds me of the floating market in Thailand where they can cook noodles and all sorts of things on a tiny little sampan.


While waiting for my loti bakgua, I heard screechings of tires and then a loud bang.

One lau chaik (old uncle) who was riding on a motorcycle got knocked down by a lorry.

Hochai (thank goodness) the lau chaik’s alright, just a little tiok-chneh-kia (in shock).

Ah, damn… Lorry’s bumper covered the number plate. Can’t copy down the number to buy Toto (lottery) liao.


Okay. So cannot buy Toto, that means we have to go back to our Loti Bakgua story.

What I like about Loti Bakgua is the combination of the sauces that Mr Loti Bakgua drizzled onto the meat and bun before chargrilling them, the smokey aroma and the crunchy bits of bakgua and bak hu (meat floss) when I sink my teeth into the bun. So delicious.


But somehow, this Loti Bakgua uncle’s loti bak gua is not as smokey and crunchy as the one I had near the Penang State Mosque, next to Shang Wu Primary School [this is another place that also serves awesome loti bak gua. They even have bak-uan (pork balls) and a variety of other chicken parts like the skin, the butt and the feet, just to name a few] because Mr Loti Bakgua was rushing through my orders.

I think he wanted to just get over and done with my order so that he could cross the road to copy down the car number plates and buy Toto. fml.← just a tiny one, not an all caps one

Do you know where else I can get good Loti Bak Gua?

Please let me know!




It’s so unbelievable!

This was so nice!

I was yearning for tiny sweet treat at Starbucks, thinking which Frappuccino combo should I get…

and I hit it right with this one!


Caramel Frappuccino Blended Cream + Coffee Jelly – Whipped Cream!

It was mildly sweetened with caramel syrup and flavoured with a hint of coffee seeping through the crushed ice from the coffee jelly itself.

Way to go for a cup of frappuccino that’s not sickly sweet and overwhelming in flavour!

Of course, this year’s coffee jelly cannot be compared to the last’s because they were two very different things. Last year’s was in little jelly cubes whereas this year’s resembles Gwai Leng Gou.

Maybe they should call this Gwai Leng Gou instead of coffee jelly, because, sometimes, just sometimes, I detected a trace of Gwai Leng Gou and got that cooling sensation after drinking it.

(Yes, Fern, I know, I am psychosomatic)