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Won’t be home this Christmas


Day 2: Edible ivory


Today, I present you, the edible ivory, the royal vegetable- the white asparagus! I got some of these while I was traveling in Germany. These special variety of asparagus are said to be less bitter and way more tender than its greener counterpart. I’d peeled and steamed the white asparagus with lemon & chicken broth with shaved parmiggiano reggiano. They really are more tender, and are especially yummy with the lemon & chicken broth! Joy! ♡

zaru udon with miso fish


I had a sudden craving for pan fried miso-marinated fish and this is the outcome. Chunky white meat of a fish, marinated in miso paste for a few hours and pan fried with sesame oil. The wonderful aroma of the fish being pan fried will definitely drive your neighbors insane. In my attempt to have a more wholesome meal, I’ve made myself a side of blanched bok choy and zaru udon.


Gong hey, gong hey!