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Reindeer Make Up

Inspiration: Sideoats & Scribbles

Reindeer make up. It’s not about making yourself looking like a reindeer. Instead, it’s about giving Mr Rudolph a little blush and some smokey eye shadow.

To begin, you will first need a reindeer. If you don’t have one, then draw one with reference to the guide given below.

Once the body of the reindeer is drawn, move on to the antlers and its features like eyes and nose.

Forgive me, ladies and gentlemen, for I am deprived in a certain way whereby I do not have any form of arts and craft related pigments at home.

The closest form of “art supply” I have at home are my make up brushes and eyeshadow palettes. But Mr Rudolph needs his color. So, here goes!

Now that Mr Rudolph is all smokey and nice, it’s time to add on some details!

Snow came early this year, Mr Rudolph will need a scarf! Let’s make him one!

Ah! Look what we’ve got now!

Mr Rudolph’s all warmed up and ready to rock this Christmas!

* * *

They say, to get into the spirit of Christmas is to shop like mad in London:

Two years and a cheese bowl


And so, it’s been awhile since the story began.

2009 V-day card from Mr DW

The story which began when a cool dude walked into Starbucks (aka Mr dw) and met a Signature Hot CIO-colate (aka Ms dw).

Sydney's Panoramic Skyline

A little over two years later, on a bright and cheerful morning, they found themselves in the metropolitan city of Sydney…

Captain Cook?

…waiting to embark on Captain Cook’s lunch cruise.

They started their cruise with a toast of sparkling rosé to commemorate two years of tolerating with each others’ nonsense.

Cheers for more nonsense to come as they both love them so, so much.

The weather was sunny and bright, it was definitely a perfect day to be out on a cruise.

Except for the little fact that Ms dw’s freckles thought it would be lovely to pop out for some sunshine. She’d certainly need to slap on some SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen for her next outing to keep the freckles at bay.

The façade of the Sydney Opera House

Ah~ Clear blue skies and white fluffy clouds. What more could a girl ask for?

Well, maybe one of these seaside villas with a private swimming pool and a yacht, yes, Mr dw?

Mr and Ms dw had a simple two course meal. An hors d’œuvre of smoked salmon with caviar was shared amongst them, whereas for entrée Mr dw had herb 包 鸡 and Ms dw had a beef steak. After that, a lovely platter of aged cheddar and fruit platter to wrap things up before heading up to the observation deck. :D

It was so windy and chilly up there that Ms dw’s teeth were chattering. But to Mr dw, the chill that she felt was nothing more than a fly’s wing gliding down the skin of his cheek. Mr dw attempted to offer her his warmth with a hug but the chill was too much for her to bear, so Ms dw decided to don on her Antartica expedition gear to brace the chilly winds of the great…uhm…Parramatta River.

Soon before long, it was time to disembark. But little did Ms dw know, as soon as they disembark, another journey awaits. Mr dw insisted that they search for the best macarons in the whole of Australia.

So, off they went; far, far away from Circular Quay to Darling St of Balmain to look for a shop named adriano zumbo…in a cab. By then, Ms dw was so exhausted from the long flight she took the night before that she fell asleep the instant she got on the cab. When she woke up again, she found herself standing alongside Mr dw in a very long queue.  Everyone was waiting…patiently waiting in line for their turns to get their hands on the famed macarons.

Twenty five minutes. That was how long Mr and Ms dw stood in line for their macarons. The macarons were in the colors of a traffic light with very unique combination of flavors. Ms dw first sank her teeth into the green one – fennel, pistachio and pear. The flavors were complex, yet pleasant to the taste buds with subtle sweetness emitted from the puréed pears and hints of fennel to give it a slight savory edge. Adriano zumbo offers a variety of unique and exciting pastries and pies. Their offerings are as exciting as a savory and herb-y yet lemony meringue pie. Despite the exciting flavors, Mr dw was very happy person because he loves desserts, a lot.

So since, it was just a little over two years since the story began, Mr dw decided to get Ms dw a gift.When it comes to gifts, Mr dw is a very practical person.

Mr dw  has gotten Ms dw a cheese tray with glass dome. He has never given her any teddies to cuddle, so Ms dw would be cuddling her cheese dome to bed tonight.

Ms dw’s ten year anniversary gift will definitely be a vacuum cleaner that could peel fruits.

Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.


♥ Photos are all wonderfully edited by Mr Dw. :) ♥

The Beauty of Imperfections


In life, things were never perfect, it never will be.

But in life, things can be beautiful, amidst all imperfections.

On my graduation day, 18th April 2010


The past three years of my life has been turbulent; intertwined with amazing events and  pathetic times.

But still, bygones are bygones.

Without them, there wouldn't be a photo as beautiful as this.


As I skip along the waves of change, it’s time again for me to take on a greater challenge that I’d never foreseen.

How my next three years of life would be, is not so much of a mystery.

But sometimes, it still scares me how much things will be changing.

I am excited, yet apprehensive.

♡ Bon Bon who came all the way from MEL for my graduation.


C’est si bon. C’est si bon.

It’s good to know that you’re always here; that your name is now Bon Bon.

My next flight out: 4th May 2010


Somehow, right now, I am no longer afraid of the inevitable change.

… I think

Nobadehhh, Nobadehh~~


With headphones plugged deep in my ears, and bobbing my head to the beat of Nobody by Wonder Girls, life can be very pleasant. I don’t know why, but I’m in a very jolly good mood today. It was probably the sunrise that I managed to catch today with my darling Fern (like, finally!)

And the tarako chicken rice that I had for lunch today. ^-^ Life in Penang is like living the life of a little nyonya, being pampered and looked after by a real Nyonya, my Granny! My nyonya Granny just celebrated her birthday yesterday with her closest friends (and that’s where I got my “little nyonya” nickname from).

And if you’d notice, I hardly have any “cook with Apple” posts anymore these days, because Apple is having such a good life now that Apple don’t need to cook! Good food is in abundance and a stone throw away from where I’m staying now! Not to mention, all my cooking sauces and spices are left in KL. Grandma’s kitchen is more of a nyonya kitchen than a Western/Japanese one. So, yeah.

I went looking for Jane in Air Itam a day before CNY and was greeted by a sight so lovely that words can never be enough to describe what I saw!

The Kek Lok Si Temple! Now, if only my mikan and chyi chyi can make it to Penang next weekend! Then I’ll get to share this with them too!

Mm. Mm. And darling Fern is making me pancakes now. Her way of making pancakes is like making crepes and she used only the simplest ingredients! Okay. and there’s this special secret thing that she put in her pancake mixture as well.