Quotable Quotes


As the saying goes, no matter how far we’ve gone in life, there’s always a time where we’ll need to go back to our roots and remember how things began, in order to truly appreciate what we have today.

I’m not gonna go as far back to the day that I was born or conceived (I wish I knew that one, but then again..), but to the period of time where Dahbriukay and I got to know each other better. Oh, no. I can’t remember every single detail, but thanks to the way we communicate, not much of the details were lost. :D

Our communication with each other were based solely on emails. No msn, no facebook, no friendster (we got around doing that a few months later). So the only way that we get to know each other better is through emails and we can’t really snoop each other on facebook or friendster, since we both have limited access profiles. (Yeah, I tried snooping on Fb. And I’m betting every penny that I have, he did the same.)

So really, there wasn’t any of those roughly-summed-up-perception of each other through facebook snooping. You might be wondering why we never add each other on facebook or msn the way normal people do (well actually I do that too, and very often!) but somehow, with Dahbriukay, I thought, just to make things interesting (and also exciting), why don’t I try resisting the impulse to initiate and intervene and let life takes it own course?

Okay. I know.

Life doesn’t take its own course. One way or another our action or inaction will have an impact on the outcome. So this time around, I’d decided to take the backseat.

And since there’s this thing about delayed gratification and higher success rates/better outcomes in life, why not.

An example of delayed gratification leads to greater outcome:

It’s kind of  interesting to note how things had unfolded from a simple 5 lined email to the long and very detailed one. It’s like reading a good blog entry, just that the blog entries are private and were written and read by only two person.  In other words, my grandma would call those long and lengthy emails  Love Letters

And no. There’s no I love you and stuffs like that in our emails, until much, much, much, much, much, much later (delayed gratifications, remember?)

Now let me present you some quotable quotes from his emails…

Monday,  14 Jul,  2008 11: 58 PM
I would coil around and around you till you bend my way :P

Tuesday,  22 Jul,  2008 10: 23 PM
I'm evil, and then I'm wicked, but inside I'm a misunderstood angel..

Tuesday,  22 Sep,  2009 12: 47 AM
Be careful what you ask for.
.. because you might actually get it ;)

..and one of the many emails.

No, Dahbiurkay doesn’t know I’m posting all these up, and yeah, he might actually change my domain to yummyuncensored.com to get back at me if he sees this.

Which he actually might!!

I will still be feeling lazy


…if not for my very, extremely upset stomach. Now, allow me to share with you a very intimate detail about myself. My sai and jio of the day weighs 2.5kg.

For the past month that I’d spent in the Land Down Under, I’d gained a total of 6kgs, eating

snacks like

Moist Chocolate Cupcake on a Stick at Paddington Market, Sydney

Delice (a fancy-pansy name for macarons) and Chocolate Milkshake at

Lindt’s Cafe, Melbourne

Belgian hot chocolate, Belgian Spoil (a cute little platter of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, shortbread, chocolate ice cream and chocolates) and Iced chocolate at Koko Black, Lygon Street, Melbourne

Limited edition banana crepe flavoured Koala snack found at the Asian Groceries

Mentaiko onigiri at Kenzan,(GPO, Melbourne)

They have the best handrolls, and the seaweed’s always fresh and crisp as it’s wrapped separately

Green tea with grape juice and banana gelato from Trampoline, Southgate (Melbourne)

I’m so gonna have the same thing again tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight.

Litchi ramune from a wide range of ramune that they have here at their Asian grocery (Melbourne)

Strawberry frappuccino blended cream that is so yummilicious and PEENK! It’s a core product in Starbucks Australia, which means you can have it all year round!

Girly/Wussy fruit beer (1st and 2nd from right) that taste nothing like alcohol, which I like because I am psychologically allergic to alcohol, at the Belgian Beer Cafe (Eureka, Melbourne)

Peach beer ^_^

and home cooked food like

[Clockwise from top] Stir fry pumpkin with bacon by Chef Su Phing, bacon and onion omelet pizza, and spicy lemon chicken

Luxurious cheese, bacon and mushroom omelet, stir fried mushroom, sausage with Worcester sauce and Chunky vegetable soup with shredded cheddar

Seared kangaroo steak with stir fried bak choy and chicken curry

served with fragrant butter rice

Healthy temaki roll with ham slices, mushroom, crab meat, tuna and gourmet salad.

Kangaroo bibimbap

Yes, not forgetting the Tiramisu that Chef Su Phing and I made

Darrell Lea’s Rocklea Road served with fresh strawberries and Milo dessert

more big ass strawberries

Pancakes lovingly made by Chef Dahbriukay on that special day

and lastly, restaurant food like

Big ass potato spuds with chicken kebab at Westfield’s food court, West Lakes (Adelaide)

Angel hair pasta with tiger prawns, basil, tomato & fetta cheese, and grilled cod served with saffron and broad beans risotto at The Rocks (Sydney)

Pumpkin soup with garlic bread

Pesto chicken with olive bread

at this very homey and awesome place called Common Ground Cafe in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, run by the people of the Twelve Tribes Community

Fresh oysters that are so fresh, you can still see the parasitic worms on the shells wiggling out

Seafood platter and fish & chips at the Sydney Fish Market

Penne with tomato & beef and risotto at Degrave Street, Melbourne

Ah..! Greek food: meat platter, bean soup, pita bread with dips and salad at Stalactites (Melbourne)

Grilled scallops and beet root risotto at St Kilda (Melbourne) Yes, it’s Peenk again! :D

Mighty and Grand Angus from Mc Donalds! I personally prefer Mighty as I love relish, but Dahbriukay likes Grand better as he hates relish.

Vietnamese noodles with raw beef slices at the other place in Melbourne that’s not Mekong because Mekong recycled their customer’s unfinished soup (so we heard from a friend’s friend who works there).

Udon with beef slices at Kenzan, GPO, Bourke Street (Melbourne)

Curry fish head, sambal kang kong and stir fried bak choy at Kopi Tim (Adelaide)

Wagyu at Nobu, Melbourne on that special day

and yeah, Thai food at Ying Thai 2 just yesterday

before I purged everything out × 3 from my rear the next morning for eating something so spicy after a 3 week hiatus.

I weighed myself yesterday night and again after the massive outburst from my rear.

That’s why I know how much my sai and jio weighs. (Yes, 2.5kg)

My butt hole is so numb now that I can’t even feel its presence anymore.

The Climb


Not too long ago, we were whisked off our feet to an island that enthralled us to no end.

As the wind blew, petals of little yellow flower scattered the grounds, paving the way to an excellent morning hike to the top.


The view towards the top was majestic, as though we were hiking up a very minute version of the Grand Canyon.


What I love most about the hike was that I get to see amazing creations of nature like these.

Is this a flower or a fruit, I often wondered, but never had the chance to find that out.


This time around, the hike was even better, as I managed to con convince Dahbriukay into coming with me and made him take loads of photos of me.


Somehow I always thought that it would be very awesome to have a picture taken while I hiked. It made me look adventurous, even though uncles in flip-flops and aunties dragging their golden retrievers can easily walk hike all the way to the plateau, that is known amongst the locals as the Number 3.


Throughout the hike, there were little observation decks like these that offers a panoramic view of the island’s North-eastern corner.

But alas, the sun rose and the weather was too hot for Dahbriukay’s liking.


He melted all the way down and back to where we stayed, kissed the ground and fell into a deep state of slumber.


He did not even realised that I had left him all by himself after a bit of a paddling in the pool by myself, but only woke up when the scorching rays of the sun began to hit the tips of his toes.

Torty’s new home


Torty’s daddy (Dahbriukay) finally went back to Melbourne. What’s left here in Malaysia is the poor mommy, yours truly, looking after two very special torties. Remind me to get to the special part later. Before Dahbriukay left, he upgraded torty’s home from a tiny little plastic tank that was half a ft long to a 2 ft aquarium aka their villa, fully equipped with basking lamp, water filter, timer and a mad ass expensive UVB florescent tube (the whole set up is a little over 40 times the cost of two baby Red Eared Sliders).


Loti loves basking so much that now he's just a shade lighter than guilinggao.

Before we bought the UVB tube, we were so worried that our torties might not be getting enough UVB rays as they begin to look kind of pale and inactive. Now, loti just look a shade lighter than guilingao, happily basking at the top of the drift wood and swimming all over the 2 ft tank. Our torties are so mega hang fook, I tell you. The other day Dahbriukay was telling me about this tv program that documents extravagant birthday parties that parents throw for their precious little babies, with ferris wheel and all. Seeing how Dahbriukay pampers our torties, I told him he better not let me see him do such a thing to his future daughter. All he could say was that he’d try not to.



See, Loti even got a work out area to do push ups. My torty is so macho. Definitely can protect mommy from bad guys. Tell me torty, are you actually, an avatar of….. RAPHAEL?? Where are your daggers?

If you are, then would you mind explaining the havoc you created last night?! Messed up the whole aquarium!! If it wasn’t for the bridge supporting the driftwood, you both would be as good as guilinggou…dead!


Loti swimming with the bubbles, oblivious to the havoc he created.

Somehow I just think that they missed their daddy quite a bit. Loti been swinging on both ends ever since the move to my place. Sometimes manic, sometimes depressive. Heck, he even tried asphxiating himself with cling wrap and seemed to like it quite a bit!


Minbao, on the other hand, had became a social recluse. Always hiding under bridges, latching on the drift wood…and basking under water.


Minbao, assuming the basking position under water.

She is clearly, deranged.

Donkey Day


There’s this one day that was Dahbriukay’s birthday, he acted like a donkey.


So, we decided to sing him a song!


Happy Birthday to you!

You’re born in the zoo!

You smell like a Donkey!

and snort like one too!

Apparently, Dahbriukay was too touched with our composition that he squashed his face on my shoulder like a pug’s wrinkled forehead to hide his tears of joy.


Such protective arms he has, hor?

Like I could sink and melt into his embrace.

Like nothing bad’s gonna happen to me.

Oh, and sorry for being sappy.

But doctor said I shouldn’t suppress my emotions for the sake of my subjective well-being.

So, from now on I’ll be very sappy in my writings and sing Plain White T’s 1,2,3,4 to Dahbriukay every night before I sleep.

*evil-grins* (Whenever I sing this to him, he gets really annoyed because it always means I’m hinting at something. :D)


But his head’s so big in this picture that my head can’t be seen.

Dahbriukay’s a mutant with a pony-tail on his forehead!