A little over a fortnight ago, Mr dw and I became MR & MRS! We had our marriage registered at the National Registration Department (JPN) in Sri Hartamas. I never thought it would be so much fun! Well, most of the fun part came from our wonderful solemnizer! The whole ceremony was conducted in a way that was heartwarmingly sweet and yet fun at the same time. We were so lucky and thankful to have such a memorable ROM experience. So, if you intend to register your marriage anytime soon and you happen to be living in KL, I would highly recommend that you get yours done here!

We got up bright and early on a Wednesday morning and made our way to Sri Hartamas. That’s us submitting our documents and forms for verification at the counter before we were ushered into the event hall.

Fern, my maid of honor was sweet enough to get us this very lovely, color popping bridal bouquet that matches my shoes and nails.

The event hall was beautifully decorated with lots of tulle, ribbons and flowers. Everything looks so pretty and dreamy in here. There’s our solemnizer on the right! He must have the best job in the world, marrying couples and giving them experiences that they will never forget. Look at me, I was laughing so much that Mr dw had to shush me. Haha. “Oi, stop laughing la!” How could I, really, how could I? This is probably the happiest day of my life!

“Shall we begin our journey of life together?”


“Well, let’s seal the deal, then!”

*scribbles scribbles*

“I now pronounce you…Husband and Wife!”

Mr dw is now my husband. My husband. I still find my self saying “my boyf- er, husband!” sometimes.

“From today onwards, you will have to wash all of my daughter’s underwear.”

Okay. Okay. My dad didn’t say anything like that at all. I was just trying to be funny. I have a washing machine at home. Really.

My wonderful friends, Chyi and Fern, who managed to find time to pop by on a weekday morning (on short notice!) to provide some moral support. Thank you!

“And thus, with this ring, our journey of life begins.”

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  1. Lizzy,

    Congratulations on your happy marriage!
    You are a most beautiful brida and your husband is a very handsome young man1

    I trust and pray the years ahead will be prosperous, full of peace joy, happiness and soon children.


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