That thing.


Sometimes, I forget that I have a blog. I forget that there might be readers out there, waiting painstakingly for the update that never came. I guess I am just too easily distracted by new things. Especially since there’s this very sparkly new thing that’s resting on my finger that couldn’t stop dancing in the light.

Yes. Months ago, on the first day of the first month of the twelfth year of the 21st century, I’d said ‘yes’ to the boy who would soon become my man. Saying ‘yes’ had started the ball rolling for another thing called wedding planning which would then branch out into ten thousand other things. Things like securing a venue, getting a gown, sourcing for decors, sorting through the guest lists, deciding on the wedding favors and then there’s the cake thing! (Ouhh…what flavor should I pick?)  I used to wonder why marriage has a high ranking in the Holmes and Rahe stress scale. How stressful can marriage be? Now I know.


Spring flowers of London

But I guess that’s okay, as I have found something else to distract myself with.


Cousin baked me a 'wedding' cake

Instagram has just became available on android.


Day out with the soon-to-be man

So, guess who’s gone crazy creating collages like these and uploading them all to Instagram?


Thai food at Basil Inn, Downtown East

It has got to be @lizzywei. <– Follow this user to make her happy. :)

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