Gong hey, gong hey!


What’s up doc? It’s the year of the bunny!

Exactly 12 years ago, my parents got me a little white furry ball of a rabbit with fur as white as snow. Twelve years later, I have no bloody idea where that bunny is.

It’d probably ended up in this serving of yee sang as a special feature: rabbit sashimi.

See those white shreds of stuffs at the bottom near the greenies?

Did I hear you say “No way!”

Uh huh. You got me. I was only kidding.

I was fortunate enough to be able to make my way back to Penang for the celebrations. At times like these with a job like mine, off days are highly unpredictable.

Therefore, I am extremely proud of my amazing feat in making my off days be where it’s supposed to be on the calendar.

Just so that I won’t be missing out on things like these:

Treasure pot from Dragon-i. RM338 for a tiny pot of the Great CNY Deception. We’re lacking two prawns here; there’s eight in the advert!

Spent the night catching up with Fernie~

and Miss Cass at Straits Quay. Do you like our pictures here? Fernie says it’s a damn good spot for a photo shoot, with the spiraling staircase, rows of bright red oriental lanterns and all.

Spotted a nice archway downtown, near Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. I love the 3D blossoms, they looked so classy, adorning the archway like that.

Then, of course, the quintessential Penang experience: Air Itam’s Assam Laksa, with Jane the Air Itam’er.

I had to have two servings. I just had to. It gets even better if you happen to have a couple of deep fried spring rolls to dip into the rich, savory stock of fish and spices with.

Speaking of which, I’ve made a batch of mung bean spring rolls. Grandma’s recipe; a must have appetizer for our Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

Just a few days before Chinese New Year, I was craving so bad for these that I called Grandma for the recipe and here it is!

List of ingredients for about 30 spring rolls:

  • Chinese mushroom: 3 large pieces, soak, slice and season with oyster sauce
  • Coriander: a few sprigs, chop into 1.5 inch pieces
  • Chicken shreds: 1 sliced chicken breast, marinate with oyster sauce and a pinch of salt
  • Spring roll pastry: 30 5″ x 5″ sheets
  • Corn starch: Mix 1 part of corn flour with 2 parts of hot water, stir evenly
  • Skinless mung beans: 1 rice-bowl full, soak beans in water for 1 – 2 hours, drain off water, steam beans until soft and supple

Don’t worry about the quantity. If you don’t have enough, just make more. If you have surplus of ingredients, you can make either chicken or mushroom tempura or have a mardi gras at your front yard.

There you have it. Best when dipped in oyster sauce.

Just before I go, here’s where I’ve been spending most of my time at, for the past couple of days.

Bell tower, City of Perth.

I love the clear blue skies and the cooling summer breeze.

But with the mercury hitting the thirties?

Give me a break.

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