Weekend Cookout


I am so proud of myself for eating home-cooked food throughout the weekend.

Brunch on a Saturday morning was spaghetti with pan-fried beef steak and portobello mushroom in red wine reduction sauce.

For dinner, we had a cookout! Spaghetti Bolognese, scallops in sesame and miso sauce, pan-fried salmon fillet and broccoli!

Oh and a little bit of ribena before we move on to some reds and chardonnay. :D Just to try out some food pairings, according to what we’ve learned in wine class the day before. Chardonnay with salmon is very nice!

It’s awesome to have Jojo’s assistance during the cookout! That made me miss Fernie and the cookout times that we had together.

A great ribena toast before our dinner! Looking at all the happy faces of my guests made me happy too. :) It made all my efforts worthwhile.

Sunday’s brunch: This is my favourite. Toasts with sautéed tuna and jelly ham!!! That’s what I like to call it!

I love it. I love it. I love it.

Jelly ham is actually slices of a ham and mushroom aspic. Aspic is something like a jelly made using meat stocks and consommé, just that it’s savory instead of sweet and fruity like the jellos we are used to having. The bits of ham and mushrooms can be likened to the bits of fruit that we sometimes put in our fruit jellos.

Back in Malaysia I always have to ask my way to the deli as it’s always located in a non-halal section, tucked in the most obscure place within the supermarket.

The delis here in Sg rocks! The selection is in abundance and it just pops up in front of your face and ask you to “try me! buy me! eat me!”

So, there! A weekend’s worth of home-made food made me a very happy girl! :)

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