Singapore Sling

Well, hello! Hello! Mr DW has arrived in Singapore to visit me!
Steph and I went over to Changi’s T3 to meet up with Mr dw at TCC right after class!

The next day, we headed up to the Singapore Flyer to experience “a moving experience at every turn”.
The view during the ascend was just “meh..” but the view during the descend was…

The view during the descend

…spectacular, isn’t it? :D We managed to catch some fireworks and fighter jets too!

If you are wondering, these are not fighter jets!

Apparently the Singaporeans were prepping up for their National Day Parade which falls on the 9th of August! :D

After that we headed over to Esplanade for some Jazz @ 7atenine, recommended by my dear Shing Lan.

The jazz band was great and the smoke free environment in the Jazz lounge is so good that it needs some getting used to! :D Singapore is definitely a non-smokers’ heaven.

I bought some mega big mickey mouse mittens from Takashimaya’s Crazy Toy Sale! Only $10 for a pair!

A glass of V.A for the alcohol-allergic one!

The following day we headed over to Marina Bay Sands’ Sky Park. The view up there was exhilarating and I love the infinity pool! Sadly, the pool is only open for hotel guests.

It rained earlier in the afternoon, so it was rather chilly up on the viewing deck.

We bought some macarons from Sweet Spot to snack on while we’re up in the Sky Park sight-seeing. But they were nowhere as nice as those that I had in Melbourne’s Lindt’s Cafe. The ones at Sweet Spot were tiny, too. But they do have exotic flavors like wasabi, which tasted quite pleasant on the palette, with a hint of wasabi.

After our Sky Park visit, we got a little hungry and I was craving for some Sze Chuan hotpot! So, we headed down to Bugis and got ourselves some super hot and spicy Sze Chuan hot pot with thin slices of lamb and beef. Mmm.

On Mr dw’s last night in Singapore before we leave for Melbourne, Mr dw brought us to Olivia Ong’s mini concert at Temasek Poly!

Mr dw couldn’t take his eyes and ears away from Olivia, whom he said has the voice of an angel.

This is Olivia. Towards the end of her performance, she sang Little Nyonya’s Ru Yuan.

Everyone in the hall fell silent throughout her performance. Her voice is like the chiming of the church bells on a Sunday morning, with birds chirping all over in a happy tune.

Extremely pleasant to the ears.

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  1. HELLO!!! How are u?? How’s training? :) Bet u r having the time of ur life there!
    U look so sweet with ur bf there.. and i want some macarons too pls! :( from Lindt’s Cafe pls! haha :P jkg jkg..

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