150+ Gingies and a Work Station


Hi! It’s that time of the year already, and my mood have definitely swing into festive mode. Hard to not get into the mood when everything around you is so Christmassy! Even Sakae Sushi came out with Christmas themed sushi! Gotta love ‘em!

Had this Yule Log sushi roll with my girls at Sakae Sushi!

Just take a look at all the babies that I’ve made and decorated!!

Cherry Bikini Babe, Bauble Babes, Macho Mr Mango and the lot

Well, this time it’s a little more special because I made these batches of gingerbread man cookies with two very enthusiastic  students, Craiggy and Vivian! I must say, they are the most obliging students!

It was such a chore hunting for the Gingerbread man cutter that I almost died looking for it. I ended up buying a strip of foil (RM1.80 only!) from the hardware shop and made my own cutter.

Here’s it! My very own, DIY gingerbread man cutter that I’m so damn proud of. :D

But, of course! Sometimes, things may just not go your way and we had a few casualties with the Gingies!

Beheaded Gingy

Poor, poor Gingy! Oh, well. I bet beheaded Gingy is now resting in peace in my dad’s tummy now. Dad loves eating them so much that he didn’t mind Gingies’ physical conditions at all (i.e., beheaded, amputated….).

Then, here comes the special request from WK!

WK wanted something special this time around.

WK's all cute and cuddly in a bow-tie, with Pomme next to him!

So guess what Pomme made?




Lo and behold……..!

The Famed WK Work Station!

Complete with three 24″ LCD monitors, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and his signature multi-colored Post-it notes!

Ask me how I made the screens! Ask me! Ask me! Ask me!

Okay, I tell you!!


I forgotten what those are called.

Ah! Fox’s candy!! There you go!

Happy, Happy, merry, merry Christmas!!

*   *    *

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