Fool Proof Scheduled Feeder


I’ll be going away again for two weeks.. This time, with my mom as well. My mom took care of torty when I went to Australia for a month.

So who’s gonna feed my torty this time around??

If I were to depend on my brother, my torty will either die of over eating or die of hunger.

Die of over eating because I am 110% sure that he’s gonna forget to feed them. Then when he remembers, it could be a few days later. Which he would then compensate by giving XXL servings to my torty.

Die of hunger…well just by simply forgetting to feed my torty altogether.

As for my dad, the only animal that he’d feed is his dog. Hoping for my dad to feed my torty for two weeks by unscrewing a bottle of green pellets and a bottle of shrimp, scooping one scoop out from each bottle, and putting the food onto the food platform in the aquarium, closing both bottles and putting away the spoon sounds a teeny bit too much of a hassle for my dad lor.

But my torty need to eat!!

Must devise a FOOL PROOF method for my dad to feed torty!!

So here’s the plan:

I’ll ask Dad to feed torty once every two days, in the mornings, before he leaves for work.

I have scooped out 6 servings of food, packed and labeled individually with both the dates and day of the week and taped them on my aquarium so Dad’ll definitely not miss it.

I have also labeled where Dad should put the food. I think it’s damn obvious for him to see. Got arrow some more!

After feeding, Dad can just leave the used bags on this tray. Don’t have to walk to the kitchen to throw the bag away. They’re reusable anyway. :D

As for the fish, just unscrew the yellow cap and sprinkle micro food pellets on the water. Just like sprinkling black pepper on your soup!

With big, bold hand writings, clear and concise instructions, my torty will definitely won’t die of hunger or die of over eating!!


*fingers crossed*

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