I’m finally home…


…after a rather turbulent flight.

Below are my random musings (in its unedited form) while I was on the flight, trying to remain sane. Really, I don’t think I enjoy taking long flights alone all that much. Salute to people like Tze Yi who could fly back from Canada a few times a year.

In flight journal entry: 3 September 2009, 6.30pm (GMT+8)

Damn. I just pulled out my laptop and I need to pee.

From the moment I passed through the metal detectors at the airport and got randomly selected to go through a search to look for explosives or other dangerous items that might be in my luggage by two custom officers who were obviously horse playing around (they were tickling each other!), I knew something was amiss.

I was just standing at the end of the x-ray machine trying to tuck my laptop back into my backpack, those two custom officers probably thought, Hey, why not drag this Asian girl over here for a spot check. ”Step over here please, miss!” And I thought they were being nice by offering me a bigger space to tuck my laptop. How naïve.

After everything’s done and I’m finally at the boarding gate, I remembered.

MY SALAMIS!!! I left them in the fridge. My two very, very precious salamis. I was devastated. Lost for words. Extremely upset. So upset, that no words could possibly describe.

It’s 6.40pm right now and I just sneezed. The sun sets as the plane heads towards Bali. I’d finished watching The Proposal and Ever After. I don’t feel like watching anything else right now. Plane is swaying like mad, at one point I swear my heart almost pop out. Today must be one of those ‘heightened sensitivity’ days. And I’m now listening to Britney Spear’s If You Seek Amy. It made my head pound so badly. Or was it the swaying of the plane?

It rained during take off. Then we flew pass an area where there’s sun light. I saw rainbows, or rather, a rainbow and its reflection.

Then we flew pass Alice Springs. The landscape was very different from those farmy, hilly green ones in Victoria and South Australia. It’s all red with cracks.

Now it’s all dark and I can’t see anything much except for the fluffy white clouds under the moon light. Hey…what’re those orange glows? I am thinking that they could be four very large vessels or four little towns. And I thought I’m flying across the ocean now. Oh! Okay. Now I’d gotten a better view. They’re streetlight. Ah. More glows at the bottom on my right. Passing by Denpasar now.

On the interactive map, it looked as though the sun is running away and the plane is chasing it.

Ah. No wonder the plane doesn’t sway as much right now. We’re flying on tail… shit. Suddenly it swayed.




Too jerky. Can’t even type…

Have to close eyes now before I get sick on my laptop.

Back to 78km/h head wind again.

I realized my thoughts are in English. I should start thinking in Chinese now. 好。现在我的头很晕。荧幕的字又小。又不想调大。 今天的空姐有点脸臭臭。 多笑一点嘛。

The musings ended abruptly as food has arrived: Baguette with fish salad.

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