It’s so unbelievable!

This was so nice!

I was yearning for tiny sweet treat at Starbucks, thinking which Frappuccino combo should I get…

and I hit it right with this one!


Caramel Frappuccino Blended Cream + Coffee Jelly – Whipped Cream!

It was mildly sweetened with caramel syrup and flavoured with a hint of coffee seeping through the crushed ice from the coffee jelly itself.

Way to go for a cup of frappuccino that’s not sickly sweet and overwhelming in flavour!

Of course, this year’s coffee jelly cannot be compared to the last’s because they were two very different things. Last year’s was in little jelly cubes whereas this year’s resembles Gwai Leng Gou.

Maybe they should call this Gwai Leng Gou instead of coffee jelly, because, sometimes, just sometimes, I detected a trace of Gwai Leng Gou and got that cooling sensation after drinking it.

(Yes, Fern, I know, I am psychosomatic)



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  1. i like the pic, so so so wicked… =)
    and somehow…. when i first saw the first pic, i was actually wondering what the heck this time did u put on top of ur drinks. hehe… get high expectations for things u create since u set the bar so high up everytime u try to amaze us with how loaded ur kitchen is

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