How to make someone eat pig’s brain


Step 1: Never reveal the name of the food. Instead, use a generic term with a positive connotation.

Life is always better when we think positively.

Step 2: Never try too hard. Give the person an option to reject food.

Feeling coerced will negatively affect degree of compliance.

Step 3: Scoop the food, and where possible, cover it with other ingredients and spoon feed the person.

The less visual attention towards the food, the better.

Step 4: Only reveal name of food when you’re 1km radius away from the person.

Preferably, via sms…


…to avoid physical harm.

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3 responses »

  1. lolz…
    at last he knew……
    well wk, at least she took out her gut to tell you the truth..
    you guys remind me a the clinton’s tree story.

    • Haha. You mean Washington and the Apple tree? Yea! Haha. Now he thinks the incident was something ‘cool’ that he could brag to his friends about. I feel so proud. :D

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