Never Waste a Sexy Aubergine


Weekends are Grocery Shopping Day for our family and I love grocery shopping, especially when we’re shopping for food. Unfortunately, I overslept this weekend and didn’t manage to join my parents for grocery shopping.

I was in fact, woken up by thunderclaps and pouring rain.


Smashing’s more like it.

The storm was so bad that even the F1 race at Sepang (I kinda like how the mat salleh commentators pronounce this word as Se-paeng..Se-paeng.. Se-paeng.. Se-paeng!! ahahahaha)was cut short.

While unpacking the groceries, something smooth, black and shiny glistened within the grocery bag.

*Holy light beams down from above*







It’s an aubergine, an eggplant, a brinjal!

Please tell me why, again, that a vegetable like this has so many names??

Aubergine sounds sexy (think smooth, black and shiny), eggplant sounds like its genetically incorrect (circular ones that looks like an egg but it’s actually a vegetable) and brinjal sounds like something that you could use as an example for a certain part of the human anatomy in Human Anatomy 101 (the long slender ones).

Bonjour, Mademoiselle Aubergine!

Why did daddy buy you?

Daddy said he doesn’t really know why and now he doesn’t know what to do with you.

But daughter has a mini commandment of her own.

Thou shall not waste a sexy aubergine!!

So, let’s bake you!


Now, baby, let me slice you down the middle and dig out all of your insides.

Let me dice and fry them with cubed chicken meat and salami.

I’ll mix them well with macaroni then fill you up with it.

But not before I line your insides with a layer of sliced salami and cheddar cheese.

In to the oven, you shall go at 200°c for 20 good minutes.


It gives me such pleasure to watch you slowly cook.

Cheeses are dripping, juices are oozing, you’re making this 20 hard to bear.


At long last, the 20’s up and I have to say,

Ooh la la..! You’re sexier than before!


Scooping you up, as gently as I could.

I place you in my mouth and embrace you with my tongue.





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