If rabbit could lay eggs..


Let’s say one of these days, that pre-schooling lil’ nephew or niece of yours come running to you and demands for a rabbit’s egg. Hello! Rabbits don’t lay eggs! But your lil’ nephew or niece just won’t take no for an answer. And no. You can’t spank them as you’re trying to be that really nice aunt/ uncle. And you can’t ignore them either, because with the level of energy that they have, they will pester you till no end. In that case, you’d probably have to lay an egg to pacify them.




Or you can give them this!


An egg in the shape of a rabbit!

It’s not that hard to make either. All that you’ll be needing is just a hardboiled egg and this wonderful egg mould!


I got mine from the 100Yen shop. They’ve got all sorts of nonsense novelty stuffs selling there and I *heart* the sour plum ice shavings! My mom actually didn’t believe that hardboiled eggs could be moulded but I insisted that we get a set of them just to see how things go.

premouldingSo according to the instruction sheet, I’m supposed to place a hardboiled egg in the mould and fasten the clasp to close the mould. Wouldn’t that crush the egg? But no, it didn’t! Somehow the egg just glided smoothly into the mould.

icebathAfter that, just drop the moulds into an icy cool bath to chill for about ten minutes. Why do they need an ice bath? Because Miss Bunny and Mr Teddy likes to chill and chilling is cool. That’s why. ‘Really?‘ you say? Of course, not. It’s some mega physics thing at work, man! Pressure! Ah. Imagine if I were to boil an average looking guy and then place them in an Edward Cullen mould, give them an icy cool bath, then the guy get sucked and moulded by the pressure into… Okay! Back to the eggs!




Miss Bunny Egg is born!postmoulding

Cool eh? Then you can serve that cute lil’ eggy with ham and fruits.

So colourful and happy!

Oh! and it’s a well-balanced meal too! Your lil’ nephews and nieces will love you till no end. They’ll like you so much that they’d even allow you to explain to them why rabbits can’t lay eggs.



Okay. So they don’t wanna hear about why rabbits can’t lay eggs? Then the story’s gonna take a Happy Tree Friend twist. Muahahaha.


But unlike Happy Tree Friends, there is a happy ending here, even after Miss Bunny Egg is chopped into pieces, mixed together with pepper, salt, chopped onions, yogurt and garlic cheese spread….


Happy, isn’t it? :)

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